Learning Web Development (1)

C# Development, Learning web development
Introduction After having worked as a database professional for years I decided it is time to look ahead and think what I would like to be doing in the future. Of course I still love databases but I have always been a little jealous of my programmer friends who are able to create beautifully designed and functional websites from scratch. So, it is time for me to start learning on this new track: and to make sure what I am learning also stays around in my head I am creating this next series of blog posts in which I will document my learnings. Of course, I will be needing some homework exercises. Or.. Cryptocurrency The past years I have been watching the Bitcoin/Altcoin market on and off, and I own…
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Logging with NLog. Just trying it out<BR>

Logging with NLog. Just trying it out

C# Development, Programming
I was just trying out the log4net framework when I came to a better and more usable alternative. https://nlog-project.org/ is easier to use and configure and has more options, like structured logging. I dabbled with it a bit, and you can find my little project on github: https://github.com/Josbourne2/TestNlog
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Parameter sniffing in User Defined Table Types

C# Development, Performance tuning
"We are not using User Defined Table Types anymore! They are bad for performance." This is what one of my coworkers told me last week. Whenever a person makes a statement like this, I first of all would like to know what made him/her say that. To me, a statement in the form of: "We do/don't do X, because it is bad/good" makes me think about religion. Religion is all about rules, and in IT, there are no rules. In IT, the credo is, and should be: "It depends". However, an issue at work has made me decide to move forward with this one. As most of you know, parameter sniffing can be one of the hardest problems to recognize. Most of the time, a parameter has a single value.…
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