SQLbits: A day with Brent Ozar and his talk about performance tuning when you can’t fix queries

SQL Server
*Beep beep*: my alarm clock. Whoat!? 8 AM already? I thought I had it set to 7:45. Bollocks. Now I have to hurry for the one class I did not want to miss this weekend. My alarm clock was set too late and although I streamlined my routine for this morning - had my bag packed, ready to go - I still had to shower. Anyway, I thought showering would be the civilized way to go. When I entered the convention center I¬†found "her", the only pretty girl about my age, ¬†already there, sitting in one of the best spots. I was left with a spot next to an indian guy who had a cold so couldn's stop coughing through the presentation. If you stop hearing from me after this,…
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